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What Is Initiation (Deeksha)?

The key to Maha/Siddha Yoga is to have one’s dormant Kundalini Energy be awakened by a Siddha Guru. This is usually done during an Initiation (Deeksha) when the Siddha Guru transmits his spiritual energy to the disciple either through touch, word (mantra), glance, or simply through sheer will power. The basic principle underlying these four ways is ultimately the will of the Siddha Guru, with the first three being nothing more than different modes for manifesting the Guru’s will. The transmission of spiritual power by the Siddha Guru to the person being initiated is also called Shaktipat, or the descent of spiritual energy – i.e. the descent of spiritual energy from the Guru to the initiated.

In addition to having a Siddha Guru willing to initiate an aspirant into Siddha/Maha Yoga, it is very important for the aspirant himself to have an earnest desire to get initiated and have faith in the Siddha Guru. When these elements are present, an aspirant can get initiated in his/her own home, even without being in the physical presence of a Siddha Guru. By making an earnest request for initiation through a letter/fax/e-mail and fixing a date and time for initiation, an aspirant can get initiated half-way across the world. Some aspirants even get initiated simply by participating in spiritual congregations of initiates during their meditation sessions (sadhan). Others have been known to have received initiation just by reading books on Siddha/Maha Yoga.

Formal Maha Yoga initiation is available to all aspirants without regard to age, sex, religion, race, caste or creed. The aspirant should have an intense desire to obtain direct and actual spiritual experiences that will lead him/her to enlightenment. The aspirant should also be willing to follow certain dietary rules and other restrictions that are intended to ensure rapid and ongoing spiritual progress. The consumption of mind-altering items such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco and non-vegetarian foods (meat and eggs) and enhancers such as onions and garlic are considered to retard spiritual growth and should therefore be avoided following initiation. The aspirant should also be willing to devote one hour every day for spiritual practice/meditation (sadhan).

Those aspirants meeting the above criteria should send a request for initiation by filling out the online application form. If the application is approved, they will receive an initiation letter with instructions to prepare for initiation on the designated day and time.


If you have received initiation from another lineage and wish to apply for Mahayoga initiation, you are requested to obtain written permission of your Guru who initiated you.